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ECO DRIVE initiative against global warming

Taxis are tackling the issues of global warming

Recently the problem of global warming due to emissions of CO2 and other gases is in the spotlight. According to the scientists who make up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, at this rate the average temperature on the planet is expected to rise approximately 2 degrees by the end of the 21st century, seal levels will rise 50 cm and a number of problems will occur. And with the February 2005 enactment of the Kyoto Protocol, Tokyo company-run taxis began actively addressing measures to fight global warming in an effort to reduce emissions of CO2.

Furthermore, each and every taxi driver is being careful to drive skillfully with regard to the following points in order to reduce greenhouse gases as much as possible.

ECO DRIVE readiness

  1. Avoiding excessive warming up of the engine
    After starting the engine, it is sufficient to idle the engine for five minutes in the winter and three minutes in the summer.
    (In 15 minutes, 300 cc of fuel is wasted, enough to drive approximately 2 km.)
  2. Not starting or accelerating suddenly
    Slowly press down on the accelerator to accelerate.
  3. Driving at an economical and constant speed
    40-50 km per hour on a general road and 80 km on a freeway.
  4. Not idling excessively when parking
    Both to avoid accidents and obey the law, not dozing with the engine still running.
    (Dozing for two hours with the engine running is the equivalent of using 2400 cc of fuel or driving 16 km.)
  5. Turning off the engine when resting, dozing or washing the car
  6. Not using the air conditioner unnecessarily or at a lower temperature than necessary
  7. Idling stop
    Not engaging in needless idling stops.
  8. Doing regular car inspections and maintenance
    Keeping tires inflated to 2.0~2.2 kg per cm2.
  9. Not revving the engine
    Avoiding needlessly revving the engine, to save fuel and reduce exhaust.
  10. Not suddenly accelerating or departing
    We will conserve fuel, avoid tire wear and endeavor to drive safely.
  11. Not putting unnecessary personal items in the car
    We will avoid increasing the weight of the car whenever possible to conserve fuel.

Taxis are green vehicles

Stopping global warming is not something someone else will do for us, but something each of us must make small efforts toward to bring about large results. Why not take this opportunity to re-evaluate your own lifestyle?
Taxis use liquefied petroleum gas, which is easy on the planet when viewed comprehensively. Please reduce your use of private cars, use public transport including taxis, and help stop global warming.