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Taxi Children's 110 Hotline

What is the Taxi Children's 110 Hotline?

Recently all over Japan, cases of children becoming entangled in atrocious crimes are increasing.
To protect children, company-operated taxis in Tokyo, on Wednesday, April 26, 2006, started the Taxi Children's 110 Hotline in cooperation with police headquarters and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Making use of the fact that taxis operate 24 hours per day, we are working to protect the safety of children, who easily become entangled in crimes.
To indicate that they are Taxi Children's 110 Hotline cars, taxis are affixed with a sticker
Please teach children that if they encounter danger or apparent danger, they can seek assistance from a taxi at any time.

Taxi Children's 110 Hotline activities

Taxi Children's 110 Hotline activitiesIf a child fears becoming involved in an incident and seeks assistance from
a taxi driver, we quickly will take the following steps.
If there is a customer in the car, we would appreciate your cooperation.

Taxi Children's 110 Hotline stickers

Taxi Children's 110 Hotline stickersAs a symbol easy for children to understand, the sticker is placed on the right and left rear pillars of the car.