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Disaster reporting taxis

During a large earthquake or other disaster, a taxi driver is sometimes the first eye-witness. Disaster-reporting cars are equipped with emergency telephones, and they were created with the objective of protecting the lives and property of Tokyo residents by offering live information on the state of affairs at disaster site to the Tokyo Metropolitan Disaster Prevention Headquarters and the mass media. As of March 31, 2013, 71 disaster reporting taxis and 264 taxi disaster reporters have been selected to protect the safety of city residents night and day.

Identifying disaster-reporting taxis

Identifying disaster-reporting taxisTaxis in the city have a "disaster reporting car" sticker on the right and left side of their rear fenders, and the tops of the cars are marked as well to allow them to be identified from above.
Note: These cars are part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Regional Disaster Management Plan.

Activities - Part 1

When a large earthquake, storm or flood damage or a large accident occurs, we will use the mobile phone (a disaster priority telephone) in the car to quickly report on the situation to the media and relevant governmental institutions. This report will include the situation at sites of visible damage, the situation in the surrounding area and the state of roads.

In the event of what kind of disaster do they provide information?
When an earthquake is shindo 5 or stronger.When warnings for heavy rain and snowfall are given. During a large disaster (such as a large fire) or a large accident (such as a traffic accident).
Do you only provide information on the extent of damage?
We also provide information on safety as much as possible, indicating which areas are safe or unaffected.

Activities - Part 2

To cooperate with efforts to put out fires early, we provide rescue equipment.

A mobile phone, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, rope, jack, crowbar, saw, smoke candle,red flag.
Can they be used for free?
Of course they are free. We will offer them to whomever needs them at a disaster site.
What does the first-aid kit contain?
An Esmarch bandage, bandages, scissors, disinfectant and tincture of iodine.