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Holding Taxi Expert Panel Discussions

We facilitate exchanges of opinion between experts from a wide range of fields including persons of learning and experience, taxi users, members of the media and public transport stakeholders, and use the fruits of these discussions to improve service.

Carrying out questionnaire surveys

Since 1992, we have carried out annual questionnaire surveys, asking general taxi users about such things as what kind of image or opinions they have regarding taxis and what kind of services taxis should offer. For 2012, between July 25 and 31, we distributed a total of 10,000 questionnaires at main taxi boarding places in the city and to users of radio taxis, and have reflected the results in our efforts to improve service.
Questionnaire survey results

We are carrying out a "The 100th Birthday of the Taxi" commemorative campaign.

「タクシー生誕100周年」記念サイトOn Aug. 5, 1912, Taxi Jidosha Kabushikigaisha became the first to install a meter on a taxi and begin business operations. And in 2012, we observed the 100th anniversary of the birth of the taxi. And as part of this observation, we are carrying out
a commemorative campaign called "The 100th Birthday of the Taxi".

Providing feedback postcards

エコーカードの備え付けIn December 1994 we began providing feedback postcards in company-operated taxis in Tokyo, to get opinions from a wide range of customers on drivers' treatment of customers and improve service.

Publishing the informational magazines "Tokyo Taxi" and "Taxi Outlook".

情報誌「東京のタクシー」・「タクシーの展望」の発行To deepen the understanding of general taxi customers, people of learning and experience and members of the media, we publish magazines in which we compile information about the current state of the industry and its challenges.

Publishing "Taxi Mini News" and "Taxi News"

「タッくんミニ情報誌」・「タクシーニュース」の発行We periodically publish these informational magazines on the current state of the industry and taxi services, aimed at taxi users, putting them inside the covers attached to the safety pillows inside taxis.