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Tokyo Taxi Center activities

Implementing the Taxi Driver Registration System

To improve the quality of taxi drivers, we administer tests on geography, provide education and guidance on customer service, and to those who pass our tests, we issue driver certificates. We also issue transport businessperson certificates to individual taxi operators.

Trend in the number of taxi drivers
Trend in the rate of passage of the geography test

Guidance and training of taxi drivers

Guidance and training of taxi driversTo prevent and correct behavior by taxi drivers that violates the Road Transportation Law (refusing a passenger, improper billing, improper operation of a meter, etc.), we are giving instruction on the road and based on Article 36 Clause 2 of the Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business Law, we are training new drivers.

Taking and responding to taxi user complaints

We take complaints about time spent in taxis via the taxi company in question (indicated on your receipt), and through the Tokyo Taxi Center. By dedicated telephone line at 03-3648-0300 24 hours a day and on the center's home page, and we thoroughly work to respond to and deal with them.

Efficient operation of taxi boarding points

taxi boarding pointsThere are currently 320 boarding points in the city.
Note that in addition to establishing superior taxi boarding points at Tokyo Station Marunouchi North Exit, Shinjuku Station West Exit Underground, Shibuya Station West Exit, Ueno Station Front Exit, Ikebukuro Station West Exit, and in the Ginza No Taxi Boarding District, on October 2011, we also established a dedicated EV-HV taxi boarding point for electric taxis and hybrid taxis in front of the JR Tokyo Station Shin Marunouchi Building.

Trend in the establishment of taxi boarding points
Year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Regular boarding points 481 396 352 246 239 232 227
Roofed boarding points
97 94 93 89 87 85 87
Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Regular boarding points 226 235 232 231 235 232 236
Roofed boarding points
84 86 86 85 85 85 84

Taxi evaluation system

Taxi evaluation systemIn October 2001, to promote the provision of high quality taxi services, we introduced a ranking and evaluation system, and graded taxi operating companies in the special districts, Musashino city and Mitaka city in the categories of "compliance with laws and ordinances", "customer service" and "safety" as AA, A, B or C. We also put stickers on the cars of operators ranking AA or A.
Because 10 years have passed since the founding of the ranking and evaluation system, we have re-evaluated it and added to the evaluation criteria management efforts and the degree to which an operator makes a social contribution in such categories as the environment, social welfare, tourism and disaster management. We incorporated these into the taxi evaluation system beginning in 2013.
Furthermore, beginning with our 2012 evaluations, we unified the AA and A ranking stickers displayed on cars into one "Excellent" mark to simplify and improve understandability for users.

The "Excellent" mark is displayed on the front dashboard so as to be easy to see from the front of the car.

Commendation system

Commendation systemIn 1977 we began publicly recognizing excellent drivers every year, and in the past 36 years 22,913 drivers have received the commendation, and today 8,219 drivers are working with a superior driver certificate displayed in their taxis. The criteria for this commendation are having at yeast 10 years of experience and no violations, and offering excellent customer service. In addition to this, since 1984, we have also been publicly recognizing excellent companies and business managers.

Strengthening the monitor system

To improve passenger transportation service, 200 taxi users living in the city have been named taxi monitors, and their opinions and requests are reflected in our efforts to improve service.

Carrying out questionnaire surveys

To improve taxi service and user convenience, every year we periodically carry out user opinion surveys to learn the true state of taxi usage and drivers' customer service. In July-August 2012, 10,000 questionnaire surveys were completed.

General estimation of customer service