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Taxi Day

Augest 5 is Taxi Day. Do you know why Augest 5 is Taxi Day? On Aug 5, 1912, the first taxis in Japan open for business. The place was today's Yurakucho, Tokyo. It is said that they were six Ford Model Ts with taxi meters attached.

Taxis were first created in Japan by Taxi Jidosha Kabushikigaisha on Aug.5, 1912, near Sukiyabashi in Yurakucho, Kojimachi (where present-day Yurakucho Mullion is located).

It started with six cars, and then expanded to have locations in Ueno and Shinbashi. The thing that distinguished these taxis from the hired cars in existence up to then was the use of taxi meters to calculate fares.
The taxi fares at the time were 60 sen for 1 mile (approximately 1,600 meters), and 10 sen for each additional half mile. The wait fee was 10 sen per five minutes, with 10 sen added per one-fourth mile for late night or when there was rain or mud.
The novelty of fare calculation via accurate meters, as well as their economy, made them popular among passengers.

In the industry, Aug.5 was designated Taxi Day, and a campaign to emphasize good service is carried out every year to commemorate it.