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How many taxi users are there in Tokyo?
According to survey data from 2008, in the Tokyo Metropolitan area approximately 400 million people use a taxi per year.
Are there various types of taxis?
Other than regular taxis, there are various types of taxis operating in the Tokyo metropolitan area, including special-needs taxis, universal design (UD) taxis, sightseeing taxis and cars for hire.
Smoking is banned in all Tokyo taxis, isn't it? Since when?
In January 2008 we banned smoking in all taxis to prevent health damage and increase comfort.
In addition, we are listening to the opinions of various people and working to improve our service.
Who should I contact if I have a complaint about my time in a taxi or if I left something in a taxi?
We take complaints about time spent in taxis via the taxi company in question
(indicated on your receipt) and through the Tokyo Taxi Center.
Regarding things forgotten inside a taxi, if you have a receipt, contact the taxi company indicated on the receipt. If you do not have a receipt and do not know the name of the taxi company, contact the closest police station or koban police box.
I want to reserve a taxi, so please give me the contact information.
Please see the list of radio base stations in Tokyo
I want to reserve a taxi. Are you willing to send one to my home?
We do send taxis to customers' homes.
無線車のお問い合わせリスト  タクシー運賃料金表
How much does it cost to take a taxi?
Tokyo taxi fares start at 710 yen for the first 2 km. For information on additional fares or late night and early morning premiums, see the "Rates table".
Is there any way to know approximately what your fare and charges will be?
See the reference page on fares. There you will be able to find your approximate fare.
What is Taxi Day? Why is it Aug. 5?
On Aug.5, 1912, the first taxi with a meter installed opened for business. Taxi Day was created to commemorate this day. Every year, a campaign is held in conjunction with Taxi Day.
Is it possible to use a taxi that accommodates a wheelchair or bed?
In October 2006, the Tokyo Special Needs Taxi Coordinated Dispatch Center was established. Specialist drivers are picking up and dropping off passengers using cars with lifts and slopes.