Tokyo Taxi [Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association(THTA)]


How can we tell if a taxi is vacant or occupied?

You can tell by the sign on the dashboard. The Japanese-style lantern on top of the vehicle also serves as an indicator.

Is ride-sharing permitted?

Unfortunately, ride-sharing is not permitted in most taxis in Tokyo. It is practiced in some cases, but not by operators that offer full-scale services in Tokyo.

What area is covered?

The Tokyo area, including its 23 wards, Musashino, and Mitaka.

Are credit cards accepted?

Yes. Most taxi business operators in Tokyo accept credit cards.

Are tips necessary?

No. They are not necessary.

Can the taxi meters be trusted?

The operating of taxi meters in Japan is strictly regulated by law, and they are required to be inspected annually. There have been no cases of fraudulent use of taxi meters, partly as a result of monitoring and regulating.

Can persons with reduced mobility get on board?

Vehicles with the symbols below are wheelchair accessible.

Do the passengers need to open and close the doors?

No. Most of the doors are automatic so passengers do not need to open or close them.

Is smoking permitted inside taxis?

No. Smoking is prohibited in most taxis in Tokyo.