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Be sure to read before taking a taxi

Important points regarding use

  1. Fixed fares only apply when you make an advance reservation with a taxi company or a radio dispatch center. (The only time you don't need a reservation is when boarding at the Haneda Airport Terminal taxi boarding point.)
  2. Other than Haneda Airport, there is only one boarding and alighting point.
    If you make multiple stops along the way, in principle,the fixed fare does not apply.*
    *See A8 on the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  3. Tolls for the use of freeways and other toll roads are separate from parking fees, so please pay them together with your fixed fare when you exit the taxi. (In the case of cars with electronic toll collection systems installed, the toll you pay will reflect the fixed ETC discount.)
  4. When all the time from pickup to dropoff is during late night early morning premium hours (10 p.m. to 5 a.m.), a late night early morning premium fare (20 percent premium on the fixed fare) will apply.
  5. The route from the dispatch location to Haneda Airport will be via the Tokyo Expressway and the Haneda central interchange.
  6. If on the way, at the customer's discretion, the route is changed from that decided when the reservation was made, and the route in question deviates substantially from the route to Haneda Airport,*a normal meter fare will apply.
    *See A8 on the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  7. If at the customer's discretion the taxi stops before arriving at Haneda airport and the customer gets out, or the destination changes, a normal meter fare will apply.
  8. If there is a traffic jam or a road closure because of traffic congestion, bad weather or a natural disaster, and the driver judges that the passenger will not be on time for her flight, and he must give up on transporting the passenger, the fare will be a regular meter fare to the location where the customer got out.
  9. For payments other than in cash and other details, please check with your taxi company or radio dispatch center when you make your reservation.