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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a reservation required to get a fixed fare?

es.A reservation is required whether using a taxi company or a wireless dispatch center. An exception is the case of boarding at the boarding point of the Haneda Airport terminal.

When should I make my reservation?

You must make a reservation at least one hour before you board the taxi. Whether boarding at Haneda Airport terminals, or applicable areas in the city when heading for Haneda Airport, be sure to make a reservation by contacting a taxi company or wireless dispatch center. For information on applicable areas in the city, see "Fixed rate transportation to Haneda Airport" on the home page.

If a taxi is marked "Fixed fare transportation to Haneda Airport", can I hail it in the city and go to Haneda Airport for the fixed fare?

No. To travel from an applicable area in the city to Haneda Airport for the fixed fare, you always need a reservation made one hour before boarding the taxi. You cannot receive the fixed fare when you hail a taxi with that mark on it in the city if you have not made a reservation. If you don't have a reservation, you will be charged a normal meter fare.

Are there any restrictions on the route when receiving a fixed fare?

When receiving a fixed fare, the taxi must use the Tokyo Expressway, getting on and off using Haneda's "airport central interchange". However, if there is a traffic jam, road closure or other reasonable reason, the route may be changed after consulting the customer. In such a case, the fixed fare will remain in effect.

What if I want the driver to use a regular road rather than the freeway?

Because a condition of the fixed fare is use of the Tokyo Expressway and the Haneda "airport central interchange" to get on and off, if at the customer's request regular roads are used, regular meter fare will apply.

Are freeway tolls included in the fixed fare? And what about a taxi ordering charge?

Freeway and other road tolls are separate and borne by the customer. They are added on to the fixed fare. No taxi ordering charge is added to the fare.

What happens with the fixed fare in the case of getting out of the taxi midway, changing destinations midway or changing the route?

If on the way, at the customer's discretion the trip is suspended, the destination is changed, or the route deviates substantially * from that decided when the fixed fare reservation was made, a normal meter fare will apply.
* See A8 below.

If I want to pick up an additional passenger on the way to Haneda Airport or I want to make a stop, what happens to the fixed fare?

If the cab is running on a fixed fare, boarding and alighting are in principle limited to one place in the applicable area. If, however, it is recognized that the route to the destination will not be deviated from substantially, stopping at multiple locations within the applicable area for boarding or alighting may be permitted. This "it is recognized that the route to the destination will not be deviated from substantially" means the stopping point is in the same area as the departure point or destination or it is along the way in a straight line.
If in the applicable area the route deviates substantially, the fare may be divided into a fixed fare segment and a meter fare segment when it is calculated. See Example 1 and Example 2 below.

Example 1
If, as shown in the diagram below, you are heading for Haneda Airport from the applicable area via a route that "substantially deviates", a fixed fare will apply to the segment from the last stopping point within the area to Haneda airport. A meter fare will apply to the segments from the boarding point to the stopping point and between stopping points.

Example 2
If, as shown in the diagram below, you are heading for your destination in the applicable area after departing Haneda Airport via a route that "substantially deviates", the fixed fare will apply to the segment from Haneda Airport to the first stopping point within the area. A meter fare will apply to the segments from the stopping point to the destination and between stopping points.

Can a taxi be used at a fixed fare late at night and early in the morning?

If all the time from boarding to alighing is during the late night early morning premium hours (10 p.m. to 5 a.m.), a late night early morning premium fare (20 percent premium on the fixed fare) will apply.

When heading from the Haneda Airport Terminal's taxi boarding point to the Tama area, does a fixed fare apply?

The fixed fare operating area of taxis that have driven into the terminal, where no reservation is needed, is the 23 wards of Tokyo (excluding Ota-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Minato-ku, Chuo-ku and Koto-ku), Musashino city and Mitaka city, so if you board a taxi at this point and head for the Tama area, a normal meter fare will apply. However, if you place a reservation one hour before boarding with a taxi company or wireless dispatch center that recognizes the Tama area as part of its fixed fare operating area, you may travel there for a fixed fare.

If I board with three people at a hotel and one person gets off at Haneda Airport Terminal 2, the second gets off at Terminal 1 and the third gets off at Terminal 3, does the fixed fare apply?

es. All terminals are facilities of Haneda Airport, so we will take you to them for the fixed fare.

For the fixed fare, if I travel from, for example, Mitaka city to Haneda airport, Is it possible to get on the freeway at Chofu instead of Takaido?

Yes, it is possible. However, you will be responsible for the increased distance reflected in the freeway toll.